So, Maggi, What are You Writing?

Those words, so rich with possibility, are the scariest words I've ever heard. Life hasn't exactly been conducive to creativity in awhile. Seriously, just read a few posts previous to this one. The good news is Cameron's condition has stabilized enough for me to go back to writing full time. <insert nervous breakdown>

At first, I drove myself crazy trying to pick up where I left off with Ruby & Finn. Type. Delete. Type. Delete. Type. Delete. Delete. Delete... It didn't take long to realize that I needed to shelve them until I could do there story justice. When you make your living writing emotionally charged stories, it's unnerving to find your stamina for that sort of thing is being used up elsewhere. To put it simply, I needed a break from my own writing. I felt creatively empty, and it scared me senseless. I cried. I yelled. I ate copious amounts of chocolate. Nothing made me feel better, until I started to daydream about a girl named Rowan. Her story is completely different from anything I've written so far. So different, I considered writing her book under a pen name. Once I nixed that idea and forged ahead, I realized how much I needed this book. Rowan gives me strength. She is fearless, and writing her makes me feel that way too. She lives her life without apologies or excuses. She is who she is and is confident in that. I could really take some cues from her. Ultimately, she's a smart ass and I can totally relate to that. Perhaps her personality is a reflection of what I hope to get back to. I desperately want to live my life fearless of what may happen with Cameron. I also think I'd have a whole lot more energy if I was less concerned about pleasing everyone else. As far as confidence goes, I think I'm on the right track to getting some of that back. I never stopped being a smart ass, so there's that.

I'm not sure whether I will self-publish or go the traditional route. Right now, I need to finish and name the book. Keep a look out for a teaser next week!

xoxo- Maggi


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