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Happy Birthday, My Love

I met my husband in the fall of 1994, when we were both students at Florida Atlantic University. I saw him before he saw me, and I remember turning to my friend asking "Who is that?" Let me just say --I was not a boy crazy girl. I was friends with a lot of guys, and had a boyfriend or two, but I did not swoon for any boy, but I did when I saw him and it scared me to death. I was sharp and brittle on the inside, but had mastered the appearance of someone soft and genial on the outside. When Steve smiled at me from across the quad, it felt like every inch of my facade was exposed. I wish I could say that I marched right up to him to introduce myself, but I didn't. However, my friend did and while she chatted him up, I slunk away like the coward I was. Later that evening she told me his name was Steve Myers and he'd just transferred from Palm Beach Community College. He was a junior, majoring in engineering. She told me what an idiot I was being, and how I should just t…

Super Cam

If ever there were a nickname befitting my son, it is most certainly Super Cam. His first act of heroism was saving my life in utero. His tiny kidneys filtered blood for both us, when my own were failing. He rushed into the world ahead of doctors and nurses, who were woefully unprepared for his arrival. We haven't been able to slow him down since. He's a force of nature, a charming flirt, a boisterous clown, and the most compassionate child I've ever met. I know I'm biased, but consider the people whose lives he's changed:

-There was a woman he met in the grocery store who was going through chemotherapy, and had lost her hair. When he asked her why she was bald (to the chagrin and mortification of his mother), she said she was sick and the the medicine she took made her hair fall out. Cameron didn't hesitate to wrap his little arms around her and tell her "I have seizures," followed closely by "take your hat off, the sun helps things grow."

Mama, You Catched Me.

I've heard those words from Monkey #2 a lot this summer. Those words raise the hair on my arms, and not because of his grammar, but because too often I can't...catch him, that is. Cameron has epilepsy, and up until July, I thought ten-ish absence seizures was a tough day for my little man, then something in his brain's chemistry changed. One morning, he paused in the driveway, half way to the car. I looked ahead of him to try and see what had caught his attention, and in my periphery I watched him collapse, face first onto the pavement. I screamed for help, but all the neighbors around us had long left for work. He didn't shake, twitch or stiffen, he lay limp and unresponsive in my arms for the longest ten seconds of my life. Then he cried, and my heart started to beat again.

I couldn't catch him that day, and the scrapes on his chin, hands and knees were a painful reminder of that. After trips to the ER, and pediatric neurologist came news I didn't want to hea…

Lily Love...more than I could've imagined

When I wrote the first lines of Lily Love over a year ago, I was certain of only one thing: People were going to resonate with the story and love Caroline, or people would loathe the story and vilify Caroline. Boy, was I ever right about that. 
The reviews for Lily Love have been the best of my career, and I'm so grateful for the people who've taken the time to leave their thoughts on Amazon and Goodreads. Reviews are an author's life blood, so if you've read a book lately, consider taking a moment to leave a review. Just a sentence or two will suffice. Thank you, ahead of time.
If you're out and about this summer, look under the appearances tab to see if I'll be in your area. I'd love to see you!


Have you ever noticed how time's ebb and flow is directly tied to what you don't want it to do? This winter dragged on forever, and now that we're getting ready to move & I'm getting ready to release LILY LOVE, it's flying faster than I can handle.

Four weeks until LILY LOVE arrives. Two weeks until we move home. I'm overwhelmed in the most delicious way possible. All good things. Nothing but love and good vibes coming from my end.

Coming June 24, 2014


Life is weird. Is that the understatement of the year or what? If it's taught anything at all, it's taught me to roll with the punches and grasp opportunity when it presents itself. If you look at challenges as just another burden to bear along way, you miss out on the sweetest bits of life. My husband and I moved to Maryland a year ago with a plan to grow roots and settle in to life nestled between The Severn River and  Chesapeake Bay. Life had other plans for us, and we have found ourselves in the rather surprising position of having to move again. The silver lining for us is for the first time in our lives we get to go anywhere we want, because I can write in any city we choose. You'd think we'd be scouring maps, looking at neighborhood demographics, but the decision was so easy to make. We're moving to where our family is. If you read The Final Piece, you know where. It's the place where nothing else in the world matters except the love of the family and f…

Take it all in...

I was talking to my mom on the phone this morning and that's what she said to me "Maggi, don't forget to stop and take it all in." She is as wise as she is beautiful.

There are so many things on the cusp of happening, I find myself impatient. It's hard not to want to rush into this summer and bypass the next four months, but I know that I would miss a lot the "now" moments that truly make life amazing. In the wise words of Jonathan Shestack, co-founder of the now defunct Cure Autism Now, "Give thanks for blessings that are already on their way." So, I will discipline myself to slow down, breathe more, enjoy the present, and simply be grateful there are blessings ahead.

Please look for my latest book LILY LOVE coming June 24, 2014. You can read more about it here , and pre-order it here .