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For Bobby.

For Bobby. Those are the first, and most important words of my book, The Final Piece. Without Bobby, my life would be vastly different. Without him, I would never have known the intrinsic value of unconditional love, or self worth. He is my hero. Plain and simple. I wrote the character Tommy to reflect the wonderful man who Bobby was. Immortalizing him ensures that he lives on through me. I miss him every day. Bobby was a Vietnam War Veteran who battled depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder until he took his life in 2004. It was a tragic and senseless loss that many families of war veterans suffer. PTSD robbed me of the most influential person in my life and it was 100 % avoidable. I know because I also suffered from PTSD. The difference between me and Bobby is that I had access to help. No veteran should be denied the mental health benefits they need. Ever. Veterans for Common Sense is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization that has champion