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There's no denying, 2013 was a banner year for me. Thank you all for your part in making THE FINAL PIECE the huge success it was, and continues to be! My second novel LILY LOVE (previously titled AN ENIGMA PROJECT) will be released Summer 2014. I can't wait for you to read it. The galleys will be available in February, so I'll be holding a contest for a lucky reader to a copy before it's official release. Stay tuned for more details! In the meantime, I hope I get the chance to meet you in New Orleans, LA this February 1st, at The NOLA Author Event. What does your 2014 look like? I hope it is full of love, laughter and excellent books. xoxo, Maggi

One Crazy Summer

One crazy summer doesn't quite reflect the vast abundance of crazy, but it will suffice for now.
Back on June 29th, I was most fortunate to be included in the line up at Book Bash in Orlando, Florida.

It was surreal and wonderful, spending time with my amazing readers. I'm looking forward to the next book event in Las Vegas on August 16-20. That's right, four days of book loving debauchery. Don't laugh! You should always keep your eye on the ones that look sweet. It's all an act. You can see more about the fun we'll be having below.

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In addition to the travel and excitement of promotional touring, Montlake Publishing will be re-launching The Final Piece on August 15! 
Today, in true Beth and Ryan style, I'm going to see one of my favorite bands in concert. Back in the day, Toad the Wet Sprocket was my obsession. I adored their music, still do, and tonight they're playing in downtown Greensboro. YES!!! If you are in the…

An Enigma Project

In the last couple of weeks, I've been fielding a lot questions about my current work in progress- An Enigma Project. It's so hard to put into words! I'm really bad with saying too much and giving something away. So, instead of stumbling over a lousy description, I'm posting a teaser here. Without further adieu, here is a scene from An Enigma Project early 2014 through Amazon Publishing.

An Enigma Project Teaser
The cafeteria is relatively quiet this afternoon and I’m grateful to find my favorite booth vacant. It’s in the corner, sheltered from the fluorescent glare of the lights above. I shift across the seat and place my back against the wall. I pull my knees to my chest and rest my cheek against my knee. Just a few minutes of peace, that’s all I want. My mind won’t allow for it, even in the silence, it churns and spits mercilessly.
“Ma’am?” I jump, startled by the man standing at the end of my table. I must look as strung out as I feel, because his face reflects pity.

The Final Piece: a book trailer by Janna Mashburn

It never ceases to amaze me, how creative and generous people are with their time. Thank you so much for making this for me, Janna! I absolutely adore it.

For Bobby.


Pinch Me!

There are so many things to be grateful for and to share. First and foremost, a huge THANK YOU to Michelle Warren for the new and improved cover design for The Final Piece. Within a week of the cover change, things started to really shift for me. I was invited to participate in a couple of really big book events this summer, in addition to the one I'm attending in Boston in March. So come see me!
The Boston Author Event: March 16th at The Omni Parker House in Boston, MA from 12p.m.- 4p.m. Book Bash: June 29th at The Hilton Doubletree in Orlando Florida from 12 p.m.- 4 p.m. The Naughty Mafia Rocks Vegas: August 16-20 at The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas  

There's so much more going on, but I'll have to keep it a secret for a little while longer. Stay tuned and make plans to join me at these awesome signing events!