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To Query or Not to Query

I am a writer. I am an author. I have to pinch myself daily because I still can't believe that I am at a place where I am living my life long dream. Well, one of my life long dreams. My other lifelong dream of being a famous rock star will have to wait until after the book is published. HA! It's a good thing I have a vivid imagination, because they rock star daydreams are as close as I'm going to get. Speaking of getting published, this brings me to my question of the day. To query or not to query? I want to know! Should I pursue the publishing houses or let them come knocking on my door after I publish on my own? I am inspired by some really great writers who self-published and were later picked up by agents. Jamie McGuire, Colleen Hoover, Tracey Garvis-Graves and Jessica Park have all made the NYT Bestsellers list without a publishing house. Do I subject myself to a firing squad of agents who may or may not like my manuscript or do I take a chance and let the actual rea


copyright Google Images Sometimes that word just pisses me off. Yes, I meant it as a question and not a statement or fact. Lately, I have had the persistent urge to shoot life the proverbial middle finger. Screw me? Screw you. Life keeps piling up in these huge overwhelming heaps of dung and every time I get close to falling over the edge, some one pulls me back. I can't stay bitter. Dammit. Writing was almost impossible this last week. My son spent much of the week in the hospital for a seizure study so my time was dedicated to him, alone. When he was released, I finally sat down to spend time with Beth, Tommy and Ryan. I felt disconnected, rusty and very frustrated so I logged onto Facebook to pick the brains of some awesomely gifted writers I know. I was seriously considering throwing in the towel, that is how close to the edge I was. They didn't coddle me or sugar coat any of their opinions. They pretty much told me to get over myself and get back to work. Then they