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My Big Time Author Crush: Jillian Dodd

Jillian...How do I even begin? Well, let me start in the Summer of 2012, when I picked up a little book called That Boy. I had just begun to outline the chapters for   my own book and was in need of a mental hiatus. In walked Danny and Phillip, out walked the next eight hours of my life. I devoured the book, fell in love with the characters and promptly started to Facebook stalk their almighty creator, Jillian Dodd. Lucky for me, That Boy was followed up with That Wedding and the obsessive haze of my new book boyfriends could follow me on vacation in the Outer Banks. I vaguely remember being there with my family, but vividly recall howling with laughter on the beach and the many odd stares I got from my fellow beachgoers. To say that I love these books would be like saying that chocolate covered pretzels were just "alright," and that a fine glass of cabernet sauvignon was just "meh." If you haven't read them, I woud suggest hot footing it over to  my fa

The Final Piece Giveaway

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday surrounded by the love of family and friends. I have been mulling over the best way to say thank you to all of the people who've supported me and written to me about The Final Piece. I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway, so with out further adieu. Ta da! a Rafflecopter giveaway

More Pieces of the Puzzle

I have had the pleasure of receiving quite a few emails from readers with wonderful questions for Beth and Ryan. After much deliberation, they graciously agreed to go over them with me! Without further adieu, here are the answers. **SPOILER ALERT** Me: Ryan, what was it like to see Beth again after 10 years? Ryan: It blew my mind. When I called Melissa to tell her that I wanted to meet Beth's flight, I was in a fog. I don't remember getting to the airport, I just remember standing there, watching her move through the crowd exiting the concourse. She took my breath away. I froze, and before I could move, she blew by me and ran down the escalator to baggage claim. By the time, I got my ass in gear, she was already walking outside. She looked beautiful and broken. I will never forget it. It's a heartbreaking memory, but it's also one of the best days of my life. Beth: One of the best? You're a hard sell, Cantwell. Ryan: Best day of my life is when y

It's Alive! It's Alive!!

I know that I have been woefully remiss in keeping up with the blog. My saving grace is that it was a casualty of finishing The Final Piece . That's right, The Final Piece was released on November 13, 2013 to rave reviews. I'm so excited! If you haven't had the chance to read it, here is the  link . I am currently working on interview questions for Beth and Ryan, so please feel free to post any you may want answered! The only stipulation is that you please leave a short review on Amazon. The number of reviews I get helps give The Final Piece credibility, and also affects the way Amazon markets my book. It really is the best thing you can do to help any author! I'm looking forward to clearing out the cobwebs and adding some fun stuff, so stay tuned for contests and chances to win a signed copy. Love, Magnolia