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Life is weird. Is that the understatement of the year or what? If it's taught anything at all, it's taught me to roll with the punches and grasp opportunity when it presents itself. If you look at challenges as just another burden to bear along way, you miss out on the sweetest bits of life. My husband and I moved to Maryland a year ago with a plan to grow roots and settle in to life nestled between The Severn River and  Chesapeake Bay. Life had other plans for us, and we have found ourselves in the rather surprising position of having to move again. The silver lining for us is for the first time in our lives we get to go anywhere we want, because I can write in any city we choose. You'd think we'd be scouring maps, looking at neighborhood demographics, but the decision was so easy to make. We're moving to where our family is. If you read The Final Piece, you know where. It's the place where nothing else in the world matters except the love of the famil