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Take it all in...

I was talking to my mom on the phone this morning and that's what she said to me "Maggi, don't forget to stop and take it all in." She is as wise as she is beautiful. There are so many things on the cusp of happening, I find myself impatient. It's hard not to want to rush into this summer and bypass the next four months, but I know that I would miss a lot the "now" moments that truly make life amazing. In the wise words of Jonathan Shestack, co-founder of the now defunct Cure Autism Now, "Give thanks for blessings that are already on their way." So, I will discipline myself to slow down, breathe more, enjoy the present, and simply be grateful there are blessings ahead. Please look for my latest book LILY LOVE coming June 24, 2014. You can read more about it here , and pre-order it here .