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An Enigma Project

In the last couple of weeks, I've been fielding a lot questions about my current work in progress- An Enigma Project. It's so hard to put into words! I'm really bad with saying too much and giving something away. So, instead of stumbling over a lousy description, I'm posting a teaser here. Without further adieu, here is a scene from An Enigma Project early 2014 through Amazon Publishing. An Enigma Project Teaser The cafeteria is relatively quiet this afternoon and I’m grateful to find my favorite booth vacant. It’s in the corner, sheltered from the fluorescent glare of the lights above. I shift across the seat and place my back against the wall. I pull my knees to my chest and rest my cheek against my knee. Just a few minutes of peace, that’s all I want. My mind won’t allow for it, even in the silence, it churns and spits mercilessly. “Ma’am?” I jump, startled by the man standing at the end of my table. I must look as strung out as I feel, because his face re