More Pieces of the Puzzle

I have had the pleasure of receiving quite a few emails from readers with wonderful questions for Beth and Ryan. After much deliberation, they graciously agreed to go over them with me! Without further adieu, here are the answers.


Me: Ryan, what was it like to see Beth again after 10 years?

Ryan: It blew my mind. When I called Melissa to tell her that I wanted to meet Beth's flight, I was in a fog. I don't remember getting to the airport, I just remember standing there, watching her move through the crowd exiting the concourse. She took my breath away. I froze, and before I could move, she blew by me and ran down the escalator to baggage claim. By the time, I got my ass in gear, she was already walking outside. She looked beautiful and broken. I will never forget it. It's a heartbreaking memory, but it's also one of the best days of my life.

Beth: One of the best? You're a hard sell, Cantwell.

Ryan: Best day of my life is when you said you'd marry me. *takes Beth's hand and brushes his lips across her knuckles*

Me: Beth, a reader sent in a question about Drew, is it okay if I ask about him?

Beth: *Ryan's back straightens as he places a protective arm around Beth* Can I hear the question first?

Me: Of course *Beth leans into Ryan and eyes me warily* The reader would like to know how you did it. How do you come out of something like that not hating the world?

Beth: *Beth lets out a heavy sigh before answering* You just have to. Life is too precious to waste and when Drew moved away, I never wanted him to have another second from my life; he'd already taken enough. My methods weren't always the best, but I was determined not to allow him to take anything else from me. Time or otherwise. It took a lot of hard work and many years of therapy, it's not something I that changed in a day. It was painful and terrifying and very necessary.

Ryan: Beth is the most determined person I have ever met, not because of Drew, but because that is her character. She amazes me, truly. *Ryan laces his hand through Beth's, giving it a reassuring squeeze*

Me: *I reach over and place a hand on Beth's knee* Beth, I know that can't be easy for you and I appreciate your willingness to be open about it.

Beth: You're welcome, Maggi. I get the feeling you understand pretty well.

Me: Okay, next reader wants to know what Beth's voice sounds like, Ryan? Does she sing for you?

Ryan: I love it when Beth sings *the corner of his mouth lifts in his lopsided smile* She's got a set of pipes on her that are pure sex. *Beth blushes and swats Ryan*

Beth: Ryan!

Ryan: It's true! Its smooth, a little breathy here, a little raspy there. When she sings These Foolish Things when she thinks I'm not listening...WOW. It's so sexy.

Beth: I can't believe you spy on me.

Ryan: I love it when you get flustered.

Beth: I'll show you flustered.

Me: Well, guys, thank you for sitting down with me. I know the readers will appreciate the insight, I know I did. Be good to each other.

Beth: Thank you, Maggi. Always a pleasure to chat with you. We will.

Ryan: Thanks, Mags. You can count on it.


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