The Blurb!

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The blurb, the little synapsis that hooks a reader and gets them interested in reading your book. There should be a horror film called "The Blurb" where the writer screams maniacally at a computer screen with a blinking cursor, while ripping their hair out in chunks. I am really not trying to be over dramatic but the blurb was harder to write than most of the book!

It is really difficult for a verbose gal, like myself, to be succinct about a few hundred pages of blood, sweat and tears. I am guessing here but I imagine it took me as long to write the blurb as it did the last 2 chapters I wrote.

*Raises fist in triumph* It is done!! I have completed a draft that I think will suffice.

Here is where I need you. Take a moment, read it and leave me a comment letting me know what you thought. Did it hook you? Did it bomb? Here is your chance to give me a piece of your mind!

Elizabeth Bradshaw has spent her life picking up the the pieces of her delicate past and hiding them; never to be seen or heard. Her secrecy has worked until the day Beth receives word that her only confidant, Tommy, has been killed. Devastated, she leaves her new life behind to embark on a pilgrimage home for Tommy’s funeral.

When faced, yet again, with more pieces to pick up and pack away, Beth begins to question the choice to keep everyone in life at arm’s length. 

As Beth reconnects with Ryan, Tommy’s nephew, she begins a journey that will unearth her secrecy and teach her grace, love and forgiveness.


  1. Hi Maggi, I've been led to you by Jen and Gitte and just read the blurb for your new book. I like the sound of it and I will be downloading it and reading it when it comes out. So yes it did hook me and no you didn't bomb
    Lee :)

  2. Thank you so much, Lee! I appreciate your feedback :-)
    <3 Maggi

  3. Fantastic!
    And I know that feeling quite well ha!


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