To Query or Not to Query

I am a writer. I am an author. I have to pinch myself daily because I still can't believe that I am at a place where I am living my life long dream. Well, one of my life long dreams. My other lifelong dream of being a famous rock star will have to wait until after the book is published. HA! It's a good thing I have a vivid imagination, because they rock star daydreams are as close as I'm going to get.

Speaking of getting published, this brings me to my question of the day. To query or not to query? I want to know! Should I pursue the publishing houses or let them come knocking on my door after I publish on my own? I am inspired by some really great writers who self-published and were later picked up by agents. Jamie McGuire, Colleen Hoover, Tracey Garvis-Graves and Jessica Park have all made the NYT Bestsellers list without a publishing house. Do I subject myself to a firing squad of agents who may or may not like my manuscript or do I take a chance and let the actual readers decide whether or not it is worth the read?

Writing is like cutting open the deepest parts of yourself and letting it bleed all over the pages. My heart and soul are exposed on each page of my manuscript. The thought of having it hacked to pieces while being queried is terrifying but the thought of no one ever getting to read it is unacceptable.

If you had the choice what would you do?


  1. I think the issue becomes one of distribution. The publishing houses can get your book across the country, even in a limited initial run. Otherwise part of your publishing cost is mailing and accosting individual bookstores and chains to carry your book.

  2. I personally feel that you should query. I have read a few rejection queries that a friend got and one agent was very specific with what was needed to be improved. It helped my friend to accept that changes needed to be made which is sometimes hard for the author.
    I personally feel that self publishing is great, but everyone is doing it, and a lot of people are doing it wrong. Just make sure that if you decide to skip on the queries that you go as professional as possible on your own. You will be after all your own publishing house!

  3. You know how I feel Maggilicious, we've got your back :)


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